Kathleen M.

I am very happy with the care and kindness my family receives from West Chester Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. The staff is fun, friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is always quiet, and professional.

On my first 6 month return visit, I was fitted for Bleach trays and cannot believe the results in just 6 short months! As a coffee and wine drinker, and also a smoker, my teeth were yellow and dull. Now I have a bright shiny smile that I am proud of. With just a little bit of extra care, I am seeing amazing results. I am more confident as well. I never thought my teeth could look so healthy. They are also aware of my health issues, and do there best to make it a comfortable experience for me.

The staff has also helped us understand how genetics can determine oral health. Both our children were adopted internationally from countries with poor health care, and resources. We feel that with the staffs help, we are setting our children up for a future of excellent smiles!

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